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How to Get a GRE Voucher and Discounts on the Test

The GRE Fee Reduction Program provides 50%-off vouchers for test-takers with demonstrated financial need. The GRE Prepaid Voucher Service sells vouchers to organizations and institutions, which in turn offer savings to test-takers with demonstrated need. These vouchers can cover part or all of the testing fee.

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Free Printable Periodic Tables (PDF)

Sometimes it's nice to have a paper version of the periodic table of the elements that you can refer to when working problems or doing experiments in the lab. This is a collection of periodic tables that you can print and use. Note: For 2019 values featuring all 118 elements, more free printable periodic tables are also available.

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Amtrak Announces Half Price Fares for Students

With Amtrak's Campus Visit Discount Coupon, high school juniors and seniors may visit a college or university and receive 50 percent off the best available fare on Amtrak. The coupon may be used with tickets purchased now through December 8, 2003 for travel through December 15, 2003.

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Learn Basic Spanish With These 17 Free Printables

The Spanish Alphabet. The Spanish Alphabet: Print this full Spanish alphabet to learn the ABC's.; Complete Spanish Alphabet: A list of all the Spanish letters with pronunciation examples, the "name" of the letters, and a comparison to the pronunciation of English letters.; Spanish ABC Coloring Pages: These free, printable coloring pages feature each letter of the Spanish alphabet along with an

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Dawn Kills Animals - ThoughtCo

July 21, 2009 Update: I just spoke to Cory, a representative at P&G, and told him that I'm not swayed by the "Dawn Saves Wildlife" campaign, and if P&G really cared about animals, they would stop animal testing.Cory was very nice and said that he would pass along my comment. He also said that P&G is required by law to conduct animal testing.

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10 Common Types of Corrosion - ThoughtCo

General Attack Corrosion: Also known as uniform attack corrosion, general attack corrosion is the most common type of corrosion and is caused by a chemical or electrochemical reaction that results in the deterioration of the entire exposed surface of a metal.

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