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Plot Coupon - TV Tropes

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Harry has to track down two sets of Plot Coupons before he can finish off Voldemort. The first set is Horcruxes, of which five remain after two were destroyed, respectively, during Chamber of Secrets and right before the events of Half-Blood Prince. The second set is the titular Deathly Hallows, of which

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Discount Card - TV Tropes

For the other games, you have to use discount coupons that you earn from playing the games or StreetPassing other players. In the Shadow Hearts series, collecting discount cards lets you try to get goods cheaper, but the discount isn't automatically applied. You have to win a minigame, which gets harder the more you're trying to reduce the price.

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Weirdness Coupon - TV Tropes

In Pani Poni Dash!, many of the odd and improbable things that Ichijou is capable of are shrugged off with "Don't worry about it.It's Ichijou." If it's written by CLAMP, the fans give it a homosexuality coupon (valid even with most homophobes), a bizarre, twisted incomprehensible symbolic mysticism coupon, an inappropriate-romantic-pairing coupon, a Gambit Roulette coupon, an Impossibly Cool

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Competition Coupon Madness - TV Tropes

Played for Laughs in Better Off Dead, where Lane's younger brother cuts the coupons out of every box in the house, before using up the contents, leading to a Running Gag of characters pulling boxes out of the kitchen cupboards only for everything to spill out. Among the prizes he wins are a fully functional Ray Gun, a book on how to pick up "trashy women", and a construction kit for an actual

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Plot Coupon / Playing With - TV Tropes

Jack MAKES a prophecy, reasoning that nobody can defeat any aspiring dictators WITHOUT seven jewels, and buys them at a jeweler's shop. Jack has to buy the ending with the Dark Lord's defeat, and must collect literal plot coupons until they lower the price enough that he can afford it.; Zig Zagged: Jack brings the Seven Jewels to defeat the Dark Lord, and as above, they cement his power, but

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Plot Coupon That Does Something - TV Tropes

Video games often require the player to collect one or more Plot Coupons to proceed through the game's story. This trope is about when those Plot Coupons have a secondary function rather than just a MacGuffin to collect.. While it's required to advance the plot, the plot coupon that does something has a gameplay function as well. For example, it might come with some new spells, abilities, or

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Steam trading - TV Tropes Forum

50% off Valve games 50% off Super Meat Boy; Portal Half-Life 2 Half-Life 2: Episode One Sonic 3 and Knuckles (the games I had before the sale) Looking for: Not sure. I don't think I want coupons, though. Unless it's a good deal for a game I don't have but want. Steam ID: arkiandruski edited 22nd Dec '11 6:55:32 PM by arks

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Win Your Freedom - TV Tropes

On My Name Is Earl when Earl was incarcerated the warden kept giving him "time off" coupons for various good deeds, but when Earl earned enough of them to get out the warden reneged. Sawyer in Lost ironically bypassed most of a six year sentence by agreeing to con an inmate into revealing the location of a large sum of money he stole.

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Stalked by the Bell - TV Tropes

Ironically, it's actually easier to win once this happens, as picking the plot coupons off of a torched planet is a lot easier than going on a quest for the world's former inhabitants. In the arcade version of Sunset Riders, if you stay still at the same area for a long period, a vulture will fly down to attack your character.

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Signing-Off Catchphrase - TV Tropes

He always led off with Vangelis' Heaven and Hell note and conclude with a woman's voice reciting "To create is divine, to reproduce is human. - Man Ray." The current hosts, Jon "Wobbly" Leidecker and Robert "K-Rob" Cole, still use these. When Radio Was is a classic radio show anthology series hosted by Greg Bell. Bell’s sign off on every

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