How To Get Your Second COVID Relief Check

Congress passed a second COVID-19 relief bill Monday, which includes one-time direct payments that total up to $600 per individual. But how soon will people receive their checks? Here’s what you need to know about direct payments and when you’ll receive them.

Actived: Friday Jan 22, 2021


The Retailers That Send a Coupon Immediately After You

Williams-Sonoma: As James points out, Williams-Sonoma rarely hands out coupons. When you sign up for their email list, though, you can get a 15% off coupon for any order of $49. Of course, you want to be careful with spending thresholds like this, but chances are, if you’re shopping at Williams-Sonoma, your order is over $50 anyway.

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Online Coupon Codes Don't Always Show Up on Your Mobile Device

The lesson here? If you’re shopping on a phone or a tablet, you could be missing out on some obvious savings. It’s easy enough to use coupon codes when you’re on a desktop: they either show up, or you can use Honey to automatically apply them.Of course, Paribus is awesome for refunding savings after you’ve purchased an item, but they don’t work with every single retailer, so if you

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How Couponing and Deal Hunting Actually Make You Spend

That wasn’t a frugal purchase, that was a waste. Another time, I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond, using their notorious 20% off coupon. “Oh this is a good one,” the cashier said. “It’s 20% off your entire purchase, not just one item. Do you want to get more stuff?” I didn’t, but I did.

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The Coupon Rules You Can Bend or Break, and the Stores

I have never had a BB&B coupon turned down. When I went to outfit my kitchen, I had *stacks*: the $5 off of $15, the standard 20% off a single item, and the rare (but very useful) $30 off of $100. I bought over $1000 worth of stuff and every single item was discounted at least 20%. Some of those coupons were 5+ years old.

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Honey Still Automatically Applies Coupon Codes, But Now

Chrome: The Honey browser extension is awesome for automatic couponing. Rather than hunt for a coupon code when you’re buying something online, the extension will hunt and apply the coupon for you with a single click. And now, they’ve added cash back deals.

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The Coupon Information Center Tells You If a Deal Is Too

Most coupons are pretty worthless—promising to save you a few cents when you buy five items you don’t really need—but every now and then, you’ll run into a decent deal. Sometimes, though, that deal is too good to be true. You can look up the validity of a coupon using this database.

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Beware the “Coupon High” That Makes You Spend More

Coupons save you money. And when you save money, you’re happy. And that sounds great, except for one little problem: when you’re happy, you spend more, making the whole couponing thing counterproductive.

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How to Save at CVS Now That You Can't Stack Coupons

On Reddit, users in r/CVS recently debated how dollar-off coupons are calculated, and whether the practice had changed. A store manager concluded, “The computer just got smarter and you can’t stack coupons anymore.” “One day, coupons just stopped stacking,” a shift supervisor in Maryland told me. They said that the company didn’t communicate any changes to coupon rules or the

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H&M Offers a 20% Discount If You Give Them Your Old, Used

Last year's campaign recycled over 340,000 pounds of clothing, according to All you have to do is bring your clothes into the store, and you'll get the 20 percent off coupon. If you like H&M and you've got some stuff to get rid of, it could be worth the trip.

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The Cashback Sites That Are Actually Worth It

Some money-saving habits pay off more than others, and that goes for money-saving tools, too. Some rebate sites, for example, are often more trouble than they’re worth. Kyle James of Rather-Be-Shopping researched and ranked the cashback sites that are actually worth it.

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