Do I Need More Than A Target-date Fund? | Vanguard Blog

John Woerth. John is a Senior Communication Advisor who most recently led Vanguard’s Public Relations and Strategic Communications functions. He’s held a number of communications positions since joining the company in 1986, including editor of the quarterly shareholder newsletter, In The Vanguard, and the monthly employee newsletter, Crew’s News.

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Should you retire before your spouse? | Vanguard Blog

Retiremnet planner.said we could retire when I was 55 but held off for 2 more years (she stayed in until 62 to get numbers up for full benefits). Just crossed my 12th retirement date, almost to her 5th year. I had to watch her leave in the a.m. and come home loaded with commute,parking,working hard while seeing the goof-offs,politics of the office.

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Coronavirus, uncertainty, and the markets | Vanguard Blog

David D. – for anyone near retirement, you need to have a clear estimate of your expected expenses and your expected stable income (social security, pensions, dividends, bond coupons, whatever). After you have those numbers, it would be prudent to set aside enough cash/short term funds to handle more than a year’s immediate living expenses.

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