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Actived: Saturday Feb 15, 2020


Top 10 Journals for Kids of 2019 | Video Review

Editor's Notes. September 24, 2019: Just like many adults find writing in a daily journal to be therapeutic and helpful, a diary can assist children with growth and self-discovery – and they can be just plain fun, with many including colorful designs, pictures, and padlocks.. The Lakeshore Draw & Write is a new addition to our selection that’s geared toward kids in the primary grades.

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Top 10 Moscow Mule Mugs of 2019 | Video Review

Some mixologists say that copper seems to make fizzy drinks even fizzier, helping them maintain their bubbles more than glass can. If you've been pouring your Moscow Mules into regular mugs or drinking cups, then you've been missing out on the full experience of this classic cocktail.There's a reason there is a special drinking vessel for every alcoholic beverage, like pint glasses for beer

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Top 6 Raised Air Mattresses of 2019 | Video Review

If you're concerned about having to sleep on the floor, raised air mattresses do an excellent job of recreating the traditional mattress experience. They get you off of ground level, so you don't have to worry about creepy-crawlies, and are generally indistinguishable from normal beds.

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Top 10 Hearing Amplifiers of 2019 | Video Review

First off, a hearing aid is legally considered a medical device. First off, a hearing aid is legally considered a medical device. That means that, in order to purchase one, you have to undergo a hearing test from a qualified specialist. An amplifier, on the other hand, can be purchased over-the-counter.

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Top 10 Reading Glasses of 2019 | Video Review

Even if you feel that "off the shelf" reading glasses may be sufficient for your vision needs, it is still a good idea to visit a respected optometrist or ophthalmologist to have your eye health checked and your vision tested, especially if you have only recently found yourself in need of vision correction.

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Top 10 Home Flea Sprays of 2019 | Video Review

Wondercide Pet & Home Control (about $25) is made from naturally-derived ingredients and gives off a refreshing lemongrass scent. This 100% biodegradable formula is safe to use around children and ideal for eco-conscious individuals who don't want to harm the planet.

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Top 10 Synthetic Oils of 2019 | Video Review

If (and when) these surfaces touch, they abrade each other, shaving off microscopic debris. Without thin molecules of oil separating the parts, lubricating them, and reducing friction, several things can happen. The metal parts may heat up and distort, causing them to bang together, causing further damage.

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Top 10 Robotic Pool Cleaners of 2019 | Video Review

You don't need to pay a robotic cleaner to drive to your home; it lives there permanently. Robotic pool cleaners can also reach areas that a person cannot. When was the last time you saw your pool cleaner standing in your pool, with goggles on, scrubbing grime off the walls? Likely never.

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Top 10 Arthritis Gloves of 2020 | Video Review

This wiki has been updated 15 times since it was first published in October of 2016. Arthritis is an insidious condition that causes pain and limits mobility, but these gloves are specially designed to reduce physical suffering in the hands and wrists by providing warmth, increasing circulation, and relieving aches and stiffness.

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Top 9 Dog Grooming Tables of 2019 | Video Review

Editor's Notes. December 11, 2019: Nobody ever said grooming a dog was easy, but these tables can make that job a little less of a hassle. If you have or work with large breeds often, your best bet may be an electric option like the Flying Pig Heavy-Duty Super-Low FP4000A, Go Pet Club HGT-888, and ComfortGroom Z-Lift, since these can be lowered to allow the pooch to step right onto the

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